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In the News

Patient Success Stories

As a physician at Signature HealthCARE of Maretta, Dr. Fiakpornoo works with patients to help increase strength and functional mobility. Here some of their success stories:

Doctor, My Chest Hurts

People with a personal or a family history of heart attacks or early coronary disease, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol should be concerned about chest pain.

Chest pains accounts for a significant proportion of ER and doctor office visits.

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Health Maintenance: The Key to a Healthy Future

Most people take their vehicles for scheduled tune-ups, oil changes and preventative maintenance. We check our air and heating systems. We clean the roof gutters so our homes run more efficiently. And we spare no expense to look younger and more beautiful.

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Diabetes: The Not-So-Silent Killer

The incidence of Diabetes, particularly Type II Diabetes, also sometimes called Adult Onset Diabetes, is increasing at a rapid pace all around us, and guess what? It’s not so ADULT Onset anymore. It creeps up on us. So by the time one gets diagnosed based on the symptoms they are having, the disease has been lingering for a good number of years causing havoc to our bodies.

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Living Well and Healthy: The Holidays, Weight Challenges

Because the weather makes it harder and harder for physical activity, by the time the season is over, we find ourselves making the all-too-popular New Year’s Resolution we make each year: The weight loss goal!

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Fried Food vs. Healthy Food: The Cholesterol Dilemma

Dallas area primary care doctor Kwame Fiakpornoo explains the cholesterol dilemma.

Disclaimer! "Fat" is palatable! It makes us want more! Unfortunately that IS the problem. Do you wonder why a piece of fried chicken tastes better to most people than a baked breast?

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Flu Season Is Here — What You Should Know

Local Primary Care Doctor, Dr. Kwame Fiakpornoo, gets us ready for flu season.

Between the months of September and March each year, we are confronted with a public health dilemma. This is because accompanying the change in season is an increase in diseases of the respiratory tract, particularly "The Flu" amongst other respiratory viruses. Apart from the Flu being potentially fatal on its own especially in our older population and children, contracting the illness also predisposes one to significant complications that can arise; an example being Pneumonia caused by Staph. Now this is potentially fatal even in the healthy population.

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New Internal Medicine Clinic Opens in Dallas, GA

CobbWest Clinic is bucking the trend of vanishing small clinics and serving local populations.

In an era of uncertainty in the healthcare industry, at a time when many doctors are trending toward “boutique medicine,” a new Internal Medicine and Primary Care clinic opened this week to serve the growing populations of Cobb, Paulding and Douglas Counties with an independent, family-run, family-friendly business offering patients preventative care...

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